This History & Name: Captain Dale Mabry

Capt. Dale Mabry 1891-1922 Few today remember the dashing countenance of Captain Dale Mabry, one of America's heroes of the first world war. In a fledgling Airforce division of the Army, the Florida born pilot served his country during World War I in France, survived the ordeal, and upon returning home served as an test pilot of hydrogen filled dirgibles (later known as zeppelins) for the military. It was one of the largest of these, and also the most "state of the art"; the Roma, brought back from Italy by the United States Army as a experimental war aircraft that was the bane of the fearless captain. During the Roma's airborne test flight, the mechanics on the controls malfunctioned, and in a race against time, the airmen struggled to shift the weighted ballast. To the very end as it burst into flame, Captain Dale Mabry refused to abandon ship or crew. His heroics saved several lives of his men. After many hours the fire from the war blimp subsided; they found the late Captain Mabry with his hands still firmly holding the wheel. Both the military, and newspapers internationally declared Mabry a hero for his bravery. 

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Dale 1891 is located on the road that bears the brave Captain's name, at 11742 N Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa Florida

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